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When we speak about pantries, we tend to think about the small closet storing our food in our kitchen. However, pantries spread beyond this type. There are several types; walk-in, freestanding, slide-out, Butler’s, reach-in wall, and built-in cabinet pantries.

Kitchen pantries can be built in various ways, as mentioned. However, they are mainly used to store non-perishable foods such as dried pasta, canned items, oils, bags of chips and more.

Freestanding pantries are not built in; therefore, they must be securely fastened to the wall.

Butler’s pantries are mini kitchens, usually between the kitchen and dining room. They can store food, cooking utensils, and drinks and have food prep areas with sinks and warming areas. This area with less space is often called a corridor kitchen pantry.

Pantries are also found in commercial businesses, for example, where employees store their food items so as easily accessible during lunchtime.

Despite the many types of pantries, designing considerations are key beginning with the size of the space, style, features and what it will be used for.

So many vital elements need to be implemented to achieve maximum efficiency and style. Millbrook Cabinets has the experience and knowledge of what works in all situations, whether residential or commercial.

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