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Closets are enclosed spaces with a door, and there are many types. When thinking about closets, we generally think of them as hanging clothes and, depending on the size, including storage for folded clothes, shoes and accessories. These closets, when large are considered a walk-in or dressing room. A smaller closet is generally fitted and built into the wall. They take up less room and are considered reach-in closets.

We mentioned that there are various types. Beyond these, there are linen closets, pantries, and utility closets.

A linen closet is essentially a reach-in closet that stores bedding and bath supplies. They need easy access with shelving efficiency to maximize the usage of the space.

Pantries store culinary devices and perishable food. They can be walk-in or reach-in. Easy access is vital to ensure safety when hands become full while handling many food items. Organization ways to increase storage capacity are a must.

Utility closets house our miscellaneous items that may not be used daily as they can store mops, vacuums, cleaning supplies, seasonal items and more. Though it may be used less frequently, an organized one can make a huge difference.

Millbrook Cabinets offers closet solutions for all types of closets and customers’ needs. Browse our selected images below to get innovative ideas on how we can transform your cluttered closet today.

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Let us show you our creative ideas and what The Millbrook Cabinets team can design and build. We are confident you will be happy and enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.