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Bathrooms play a fundamental role in our homes. Whether you’re getting ready for work, pleasure or primping for a special evening occasion, your preparation is mainly done with the help of your bathroom vanities, sinks, mirrors and cabinets.

A functional bathroom for your everyday needs is vital—for example, a sink of the right size to brush your teeth. In addition, perhaps two sinks so your spouse can brush at the same time. How about the mirror? Size does matter, especially the height, because as our spouse might be 6.2 inches, we may only be 5 feet. Who wants to stand on their tippy toes to brush their teeth?

But bathroom layout and design do not stop with the sinks and mirrors. Vanities and cabinetry to match your personality and style are vital. With so many colors and styles to choose from, it can be challenging.

For this reason, hiring the right custom cabinetry company for your bathroom is crucial—one with an expert team that has an eye for creativity in all genres of bathroom cabinetry designs. Millbrook Cabinets is a company that can design custom cabinets for all sizes of bathrooms, colors, styles, and finishes.

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Let us show you our creative ideas and what The Millbrook Cabinets team can design and build. We are confident you will be happy and enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.